Booking a trip with Faroe Tours is easy.

We offer Private guided tours with local guides, photography tours and Fly&Drive packages.


Tours can be booked online or by e-mail

ONLINE BOOKINGS (Private guided day tours)

1. Check real-time availability on our website and pre-book online. Bookings are confirmed within 24 hours.

2. Payment is processed in DKK (Danish Krone) by credit card (VISA or Mastercard only) on online bookings.

3. Confirmation payment is 100% of the total amount.

4. Travel documents are received only upon confirmation.

E-MAIL BOOKINGS (Guided multi-day tours, tailor-made packages, photography tours and Fly&drive packages)

1. Check out the travel proposals in our website and send us an e-mail. Our travel agents will reply within 48 hours.

3. Payment in DKK (Danish Krone) by bank transfer to our account in the Faroe Islands.

4. Confirmation payment is 40% of the total cost. Remaining 60% is paid to the same account 1 month before departure.

5. A fee of 1,9% applies to Credit Card payments.

6. All travel documents necesssary will be sent by e-mail no later than 14 days before the trip begins.

Before travelling

The trip starts when you have booked it. Enjoy it from the beginning!

1. We send our travellers a wide selection of PDFs with all types of informations about travelling in the Faroe Islands.

2. Remember to have your Passport ready and not expired. Check if you need a Visa to travel to the Faroe Islands (Click here).

3. Clothing. Most visitors find the climate in the Faroe Islands is surprisingly mild. Because of the Gulf Stream temperatures reach 15 degrees C in the summer to 6 degrees degrees C in the summer to 6 degrees C in the winter. It is recomended to pack watertight and windproof jacket, hat and sweater, e.g. for sailing trips. If you intend to go hiking in the mountains we recommend to pack wollen jumper, rubber boots or waterproof hiking boots for mountain walking. Dressing in layers is always a good idea. Always remember to bring sunglasses and sun lotion if you visit during the summer. A camera and binoculars are essential to bring back memories of the fantastic scenery, to really enjoy the view and for birdwatching!

4. Any doubt? we are here to help. Send us an e-mail if you have any doubt.

Travelling to the Faroe Islands

We recommend you to check the information provided online by Visit Faroe Islands (Click here). You will find updated data about custom regulations, currency, health, passport and Visa and many more.



We have written some basic Terms and Conditions to make your booking contract with us not complicated to understand.

Contact us if you have any doubts regarding this.


Agreements are binding on both parties once a deposit or the payment required by Faroe Tours has been paid. By paying the deposit, clients also confirm that they accept the terms and conditions of the product purchased as stated in the website.

Products from other operators

The products and trips in this website are sometimes arranged by Faroe Tours in cooperation with faroese local travel operators. Special terms and conditions from these local operators (for example a ferry) may also apply.

Deposit/final payment (applies only to payments over 2.000€)

·A payment for the 50% of the total amount per person is due on confirmation.

·The remaining price of the trip must be paid no later than 30 days before the departure date.

·Clients will then receive tickets and other travel documents no later than approximately 14 days before departure.

·Faroe Tours does not send payment reminders for unpaid bookings. The booking will be cancelled if payment does not reach Faroe Tours by the due date specified in the confirmation. If the guest does not pay in time, this will be regarded as a de facto cancellation of the booking, at which time the rules governing cancellation will apply.


All binding bookings will be subject to a fee in case of cancellation:

·16 days or more before the start of the trip, no cost, the deposit is refunded.

·15 - 0 days before the start of the trip, the total price of the trip is lost.

Cancellations must be made in writing to us (an e-mail) to be valid.

The date of a Day Tour can be changed at no cost if the new date is available. Cost for changing ferries or other services already book apply.

Failure to appear/unused services etc.

If clients fail to cancel a trip and/or fail to appear at the time and place stated for departure to or from the Faroes, or if clients are unable to complete the trip due to the failure to produce travel documents (valid passport, required visa, vaccination certificates etc.), the organiser is entitled to charge the full price of the trip concerned. If clients fail to appear for trips or fail to use the services that have been ordered in any other way, no compensation for such unused services may be claimed.

Travel insurance

In general clients are themselves responsible for covering the costs of illness, admission to hospital etc. during a trip -unless the organiser can be held responsible.

Consequently, we strongly advise clients to buy a travel insurance covering the costs of accidents or death, treatment of illnesses, transport home and loss/damage of luggage.

Information and guidance is available from Faroe Tours, which receives a fee for the sale of travel insurance.

Personal data

The guest consents, through payment, to the processing of personal data by Faroe Tours. The purpose thereof is to enable the customary guest administration, to ensure that Faroe Tours has access to reliable personal documentation in the event of an accident, and to administer and process any losses. The data may also be used to inform the guest of insurance and payment services and of travel-related offers. The guest may also be contacted for the purposes of market surveys.


Complaints have to be made during or immediately after completion of the tour.

Complaints can be made to

If the guest and Faroe Tours fail to reach agreement during negotiations, they may approach a public court of law.

Contact information

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